Anyone for KTMA?

Will the "lost" KTMA episodes ever see the light of day again?
  What? There's more MST3K I didn't know about?!
  Nope. The powers that be have made it clear that they weren't that impressive and it's pretty apparent that no fan copy exists.
  Maybe. If there's enough pull from the Mstie Community and the gods smile upon us, we'll see them in some form.
  Yes! Even as we speak, Shout! is working on obtaining movie rights and designing the "Lost KTMA Episodes" box set.

Should I review the existing KTMA episodes on my site?
  Of course. KTMA is just as much a part of the MST3K series as any other season.
  Whatever you want to do. KTMA was an important part of the series, but it was really just a learning period for the cast and crew.
  Nah. A lot of the movies were repeated later and the riffing wasn't that good and/or prolific.